What our customers frequently ask.

We tried to answer the most important questions

How much is it?

You can use Recostar service and application absolutely for free, unless you have specific needs or you outgrow the Free plan. Buying a subscription is not mandatory but the subsription gives you neat functions that can change your workflows significantly.

Call recording doesn’t work - what should I do?
  • First of all, make sure you followed all the requirements, such as “3-way call” service (Free plan) from your mobile carrier,
  • or your subscription is not expired (Pro plan). Carefully watch all tutorials and videos provided on the “Support” page of the application.
  • Send a request to our technical support team from the application.
All mobile carriers are supported?

All major carriers are supported, providing that you have a working “3-way call” service.

Why is it so difficult to record calls?

We have to follow policy applied by Apple and Google that forbids a call recording using the API. The only way to do so, using an external service, such as Recostar. We explained it at length here

It’s really difficult to use.Why do I need Recostar?

If your smartphone supports a call-recording on the platform level (with root-access) - you don’t need our application, probably. Nevertheless, users of iPhone and last versions of Android who tested immense amount of applications and still disappointed by results may give the Recostar a try.

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