How to record a phone call on iPhone?

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Record a phone call on iphone.

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Record iPhone calls

Unlimited call recording feature for iPhone users. Easy & secure.

Incoming & Outgoing calls

The app enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone.

Recordings library

Manage call recordings on your smartphone. Play, search, share the recording.

Cloud storage

Save call recordings in the Amazon cloud. Up to 10 GB per user. Subscription required.

Personal data protection

Phone call interception protection. Keep phone conversations private.


Download and share call recordings in one click. Premium feature.


How to record a phone call on iPhone?

The Recostar app enables you to record phone call on iPhone whenever you need it. Many users ask: can you record a phone call on iphone? Basically no. The Apple platform restricts access to the recording feature for any app. This policy enforced to protect your conversation from wiretapping. But how to record a call on an iPhone in this case? The Recostar app provide a perfect solution for you. It uses the “Merge calls” features to record phone call on iPhone. You have to connect call you want to record with the Recostar service number. We provide easy step by step video tutorial how to record a call on iphone using Recostar app. The app can’t make a recording fully automatically, additional actions required for each call.

  • Easy setup in seconds
  • Mobile network call merge feature required
  • The app works with almost every mobile network.
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    Very good! No problems so far and the best of all is that it can save the recorded calls to the cloud. Definitely worth paying for.

    Jon Faweretty


    I use this app on several occasions it has saved me from having to call back to ask important details. Highly recommended

    Tomas Anderson

    Sales executive

    This is a very useful app to record an important call and then go back to it to take notes or whatever you need.

    Sandra Tauler

    Real estate agent

    What is Unique About the Recostar iPhone call recorder?

    • One and only honest call-recorder app for iPhone

      No limits. No hidden fees.

    • Call recording service available in 37 countries

      Recostar provide service in th US, the UK, Europe, Latin America, and other countries

    • HD voice quality

      Crystal clear audio. HD quality available for most of the destinations.

    • Secured by Amazon AWS

      The service powered by Amazon AWS prime cloud technology

    Trusted by over 1 million users in 30+ countries


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    Professionals trust the Recostar


    Record an interview on the phone easy and secure.


    Record a conference call or negotiation process. Safe valuable information. Play record at your iPhone anytime. Solve dispute situation easily

    Sales Managers

    No more notes on the go. Focus on conversation, close more deals, remember every detail.


    Enterprise Features

    Recostar Professional

    Automatic call recorder solution. No call merge required. Additional security.

    Transcription service

    AI-powered automatic state of art voice to text transcription. High quality human transcription in 24 hours

    Business line

    The second phone number feature for your iPhone. Automatic call recording.


    Works with your favourite apps. Upload recordings directly to the CRM.

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    The recordings is free, but you have to buy a subscription in the app. The price depends of your location, check it in the app before buy. Your mobile carrier can charge an additional fee for the “call merge” feature. The call to Recostar service number will be charged as regular phone call by your operator.

    It is possible, use the Recostar Pro app. The subscription required.

    To make the app works, mobile operator has to provide the “call merge” feature. The feature has to be included in your plan and enabled. Consult your carrier about it.
    The Apple platform restrict call recording feature, for many reasons, law, security, ethic. The only way to record a call on iPhone is use external call recording service such as Recostar call-recorder.
    Recostar app provides unique feature of ads free call recording service . To access the service you have to buy a subscription. The service isn't fee because we don't show annoying ads, but we have to cover our expenses for servers, development and telecommunication services.
    Android phone use root access or another tricks to eliminate platform restrictions and grab a call on the phone directly. Unfortunately it could lead to security breaches, hackers could wiretap your conversations and use it for fraud or blackmail. Apple care about your security and restricts call recoding feature whatsoever. The Recostar app uses external call recording service to record a phone call on iPhone. It requires additional steps to record every call, but it secures you from unauthorized taping of a call.
    • Unlimited call recording
    • Crystal-clear audio quality
    • no hidden fees
    • 2x cheaper
    • Recostar works in 37 countries including the US
    • No recording limits or storage fees
    • Recostar available for Android and IOS platforms.
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    • Unlimited call recording
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