Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The App is free. But your mobile carrier can charge an additional fee for the “call merge” feature. The call to Recostar service number will be charged as regular phone call by your operator.

It is possible, but It’s not free. You must use the Recostar Pro app. The subscription required.

To make the app works, mobile operator has to provide the “call merge” feature. The feature has to be included in your plan and enabled. Consult your carrier about it.

The Apple platform restrict call recording feature, for many reasons, law, security, ethic. The only way to record a call on iPhone is use external call recording service such as Recostar call-recorder.

Recostar free app provide unique feature of free call recording service for private users who need to record couple of phone calls. We get some revenue to cover expenses from the ads. If you are professional user, please use the Recostar Pro app. It enables to record a call more easily.

Android phone use root access or another tricks to eliminate platform restrictions and grab a call on the phone directly. Unfortunately it could lead to security breaches, hackers could wiretap your conversations and use it for fraud or blackmail. Apple care about your security and restricts call recoding feature whatsoever. The Recostar app uses external call recording service to record a phone call on iPhone. It requires additional steps to record every call, but it secures you from unauthorized taping of a call.

- No subscription required to record a call - Unlimited call recording - Crystal-clear audio quality

- Recostar works in 37 countries including the US - No recording limits or storage fees

- Recostar available for Android and IOS platforms. - No subscription required to record a call on iphone

- No subscription required to record a call - Unlimited call recording