Use Cases

Use cases of the Recostar services to achieve the best results


Call recording for compliance is a crucial step that companies take in order to provide the best quality of service. Sometimes it simply inevitable - without information that call phones contain businesses simply cannot operate.


Do you know how much information is lost, due to inability of the brain to memorize everything verbatim? A lot! That’s how the brain tries to protect itself. That’s why humanity invented so many ways to collect information as it was created or passed, and voice recording is one of them. Your voice passes so much data: intonation, information per se, emotions. You can use Recostar to record your one voice and put tags to make it event more useful.


During a business negotiation it is very important to be sure that all sides completely understand all terms, and will not forget them or misinterpret when time passes. A meeting recording, or a conference call in this situation is a good tool to establish the ground truth.

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