About Us

Recostar by Recorn limited

Recorn delivers powerfully simple communications services to more than 50,000 customer accounts. We’re proud to provide the benefits of an on-demand telecommunication system without the high cost, burden, and inflexibility of traditional phone systems. We also offer cutting edge AI services for voice communications.

At Recorn, we know organizing and maintaining voice conversations is difficult, and people can’t memorize all information from the conversation. Average sales employee spends 30 hours per month making notes and data entry. Writing and typing are time-consuming and inefficient, especially on the go. Companies lose money and customers due to lost or misleading information, disputes or misunderstandings in negotiated terms. Recorn solves the problem using AI technology. The platform collects voice data from phone calls and meetings, converts audio recordings to text, and applies multiple AI models to extract meaningful information from the conversation. Finally, Recorn saves all collected data to the cloud and sends it to the CRM system. So no manual data entry is needed, and you will never take notes again.

The Recostar mobile app enables recording and transcribing calls on iPhone and Android phones. It provides access to all captured information as well as full-text search among all data. We provide hassle-free communication services that let you forget about your phone system and get on with the business of connecting with your customers.

We believe that our customers deserve better than the bloated features, complex pricing, and outdated thinking that traditional VoIP companies offer. So we’ve made it our mission to provide creative yet straightforward solutions and customizable developer tools to help you streamline your workday. It’s our business to help simplify yours, and our customer success professionals are here to get you where you want to be. Our uncommonly good telecommunication company proudly provides uncomplicated products and outstanding customer support to businesses like yours.

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Our Culture

Recorn employees are the lifeblood of our company, and with our co-founders, we’ve created an inviting, collaborative, and inclusive workplace. Working together, we dream big and innovate incessantly—no idea is too small, and no opinion goes unheard. Our best products get made when we ideate as a team and when everyone takes a hands-on approach to product development. We’re passionate about technology and excited to pioneer the following ground-breaking solutions to help people communicate better.